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How to get your hamster to lay on its back

How to teach your hamster to lay on their back

Learn how to train your pet hamster to let you hold him.

Image titled Make Your Hamster Trust You Step 5

How To Teach Your Hamster To Snuggle

Symptoms of Poor Hamster Health or Illness

Cute Syrian hamster sleeping peacefully on its back (in the cage), top view

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... when we had baby hamsters here last year I caught one in the act


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Although many don't realise, pet hamsters can go into hibernation leading some pet parents to think their tiny fur friend has passed away. Here's how to ...

Tiny hamster loves getting tucked in bed! (Cute #hamster video) - YouTube

How To Train Your Hamster

hamster ears are sensitive

Is this hamster happy or sad?

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Hamster enjoying sleeping on his back.

Hamster Common Illnesses | Hamster Illnesses | Hamsters | Guide | Omlet US

6 Things You Should Never Do If Your Hamster Has Babies

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Is My Hamster Bored? (And What to Do About It)

Some common hamster health problems

small hamster - 4 image by Friday from Fotolia.com

Hamster Cheeks

How Do You Find a Hamster Lost in the House?

White and brown hamster eating cheese and looking at the camera

Summary. Syrian hamsters can make ...

observing hamster behaviors

Happy hamsters in a good environment are less likely to be stressed and want to fight. Large cages are best to facilitate good relations as well as plenty ...

What is included: baby russian dwarf hamster behaviour


8 Things Your New Hamster is Trying to Tell You: New Pet Tips (Petco) - YouTube

Small hamsters image by Vedmochka from Fotolia.com

Dusty the hamster

37 Hamster Care Tips That Will Take You To The Next Level



Fudge was cold and stiff when it was found in its cage – but woke up just before it was buried (Picture: Mercury)

You Have To Be Patient But You Can Teach Hamsters To Do A Lot Of Things

Shy Zelda

To breed your hamsters, introduce the female into the male's cage every evening for four days during her estrus. Estrus is the period of time, usually about ...

What To Do If You Drop Your Hamster


2 x Roborovski Hamsters

Making sure your pet has all the vitamins and minerals it needs will help it ward off infections

Hamster Tricks - Turn or Roll Over Trick for Your Hamster

How to Tell if Your Career is Stuck on a Hamster Wheel

Here's Why You Should Never Get Your Hamster Wet


5 Things Your Hamster Wants You To Know About What It's Like To Be A Hamster

In this photo is a Black Bear Hamster which is a color phase of Syrian Hamsters

Hamsters Circling and Wrestling


How to train your hamster

how to get rid of fleas on hamsters

Hamster image by Jörg Zimmermann from Fotolia.com

Carla believes Dotty got its head trapped in the gap because of a significant 'indentation' along the back of its neck. (Picture: Mercury Press)

Oxfordshire mum warns 'dead' hamsters actually hibernating | Daily Mail Online



This is my last photo of Eve alive which i took after finding her unconscious.

NOTE: The crittertail you see in the picture is just a carrier cage. I put them in when I am cleaning their cages. My sister was watching/playing with them ...

Cute hamster standing

How to train your hamster

Keep a close eye on how your hamster breathes - is it struggling at all? Is it wheezing?


Baby Guinea Pigs - All boys

How to Know if My Hamster is Pregnant

Almost never going to see a vet bandage a hamster broken leg

Ectoparasitic Skin Disease in Hamsters

Cute Gosling with a Roborovski Hamster (Phodopus roborovskii) sitting on its back.

Nothing is wrong, don't worry. She is doing this because she is in heat. Hamsters come into heat once every 4 days. If you touch a female's back or rear end ...


When he snuggles he will roll over until he is on his back. Some pigs hate it while some love it. I would never force a pig to lay on their backs though.

Black-bellied hamster given reprieve by European Court of Justice

syrian hamster on abstract white background image by Maximillian-Setislav from Fotolia.com

3322185940_1596058c22_b If your hamster ...

Some belly rubs:

I cannot stress enough how ...

Dotty the hamster was found dead on August 10 with its head wedged between the upside down seesaw (Picture: Mercury Press)